Why 1UpCoin Pro?

Over the last four years, 1UpCoin has been the number one cryptocurrency donation platform for Twitch and YouTube content creators. We've helped creators raise over $5 million worth of cryptocurrencies. While the service itself was free to use, we also took no additional percentage from donations for ourselves. We never sold any user data and have no plans to do that ever. Instead, we relied on donations from content creators and even your donators to help with the costs.

We've received around a total of $2,000 in donations or referral credits from Coinbase when users signed up through us. While this has helped us keep the servers on, it just about breaks us even on those costs over the last four years. The number of hours working on developing the website, updates, bug fixes, and support doesn't even start to get covered by the donations. If you contacted our support, you know that we are relatively quick to respond and always try to be as super helpful as we can be.

We're not without our faults, though, in 2018, address creation was broken due to an unintentional update by Coinbase. In 2019 new YouTube account sign-ups were disabled because we reached a user limit. It took Google months to increase it. And in 2020, we were down for around 100 hours due to a Coinbase issue. But we've always worked hard to resolve the problems and keep users informed about what we were doing and what the status was. We quickly implemented fixes for some of these problems so that the system would work as expected to all users, and you might not have ever been aware of the issues.

When we first built this service, 1UpCoin was created to help bridge the gap between the content creator community and the cryptocurrency community. Both communities have a lot to offer and are filled with amazingly passionate people. However, both are also filled with obstacles that neither community would understand unless you were part of that community. That's why we at Warp World felt that we could bridge this gap, as both a team full of streamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. We have experience in both areas and were able to create something we're proud of.

However, to continue bridging this gap and to offer even more features, we are introducing a new subscription plan for our users. In the past, we gave you access to all supported cryptocurrencies on Coinbase but starting today (June 4th, 2021), that will no longer be the case unless you are subscribed to 1UpCoin Pro for $5 a month, or $50 a year. You'll help support our growth, which will help us offer better support, more authenication options, and even more exchange/wallet options.

Users who do not wish to subscribe can still use 1UpCoin and will have the ability to accept BTC, ETH, and LTC. These three currencies account for 70% of all donations on our platform.

To get started check out our subscription page for more details!